Monday, June 8, 2009

Blue Cheese Burgers

We made this the other night and it was amazing!!!

Blue Cheese Burgers
1 lb ground meat
1 container Blue Cheese
Grill Seasoning

In a bowl mix the meat and blue cheese together. Make sure it is all well mixed in.
Once mixed make into patties. I like making small patties and put them on rolls instead of buns.
After patties and made sprinkle with some grill seasoning. 
Then grill until cooked. 

I put my burgers on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and added some grilled onion and a special Dijon Sauce.

Dijon Sauce
Dijon Mustard

Mix all together in a small bowl. Use your own judgement on how much of each you put in!

These burgers were so great!!! The cheese was already melted into the burgers and the topping just made them to die for! 
You can also make these with ground turkey or chicken to be a bit healthier!